This tour is a collaborative project created by four AmeriCorps Public Allies from the class of 2021. The Allies served at River Revitalization Foundation, Milwaukee Riverkeeper and Menomonee Valley Partners.


To introduce people to the waterways in milwaukee and encourage exploration of the trails along those waterways.

By way of a self-guided web-based tour, visitors will learn about the history, environmental issues, revitalization stories, public art, recreation and businesses in the surrounding area. Milwaukee is nationally known for being segregated, and its rivers have been that dividing line. We acknowledge that people of color and people of all abilities haven't had equal access to our waterways. With this project, we want to make our rivers more accessible to everyone that lives in Milwaukee.

Thank you to our donors who made this project possible:


A special thanks to the fund for lake michigan
  • River Revitalization Foundation
  • Harbor District Milwaukee
  • Menomonee Valley Partners
  • Milwaukee Riverwalk District
  • Wisconsin Coastal Management Program
  • Milwaukee Riverkeeper

Additional Acknowledgments:

Additionally we would like to thank the Staff of Public Allies Wisconsin, and our supervisors who guided us during the creation of this project: Lilith Fowler, Kimberly Gleffe, Leah Holloway, and Corey Zetts.

We acknowledge that the land and water that has become the Milwaukee area are traditional Menominee, Potawatomi, and Ho-chunk home lands.